Get Involved

Invitation to visit
We know there are few people who would like to visit us and see the kind of programs we run under different projects. Please give us a call or email us and we can help you with the route to our place.

Sponsor a child for education -
Poverty is a never ending cycle that millions of children around the world need help overcoming. To reduce the disparity in education throughout India, many people sponsor the education of one or more children. By sponsoring a child in need, you can help an underprivileged child break the cycle of poverty. Simply going to school can make a substantial difference in a poor child’s quality of life.

Volunteer to teach skills -
Knowledge sharing is an activity through which a skill is exchanged among the community. We would like to invite you if you have a skill or expertise on something where you feel that women can make a difference. Please come forward and share it with us and remember that your idea will help a community to grow and help our livelihood.