Initiative - In the words of our founder “We will not ask a person coming at our door if he has a name, but only if he is suffering”. Don Orione Daya Niketan was born as an answer to the vision of our founder: “Only charity will save the world” It is a day care center where people with learning disabilities are offered various activities to nurture their abilities.

Objective -
a. To provide a nutritious meal.
b. Grooming the kids to be more independent in their daily activities.
c. Help them achieve financial independence through self-employment.
d. To empower the parents to be strong in bringing up their kids.

Activities – Some of our programs are;
1. Therapeutic services- Through physiotherapy and occupational therapy, disabled children adjust to their situation and are given activities to nurture their abilities. Speech therapy is a very important tool for children with learning disabilities.
2. Pre-School – We prepare children to learn self-control and improve their abilities to cope with school teaching.
3. Computer unit – Basics of computer and usage of word and internet are thought to the children.
4. Horticulture Unit – Our intention is to provide skills for those disabilities who have not had and can’t have years of schooling.
5. Networking and advocacy – We organize groups with parents and relatives of disabled people to empower people with disability to access resource.
6. Livelihood – our final goal is to offer employment to people with learning disabilities in a safe environment where there rights will be always respected.

Team – Our in-house staff consists of Therapist, a Horticulturist, a nurse and a care taker. We have drivers to pick up and drop the kids from home. We have teamed up with Chandra sekhar Institute of Hearing and Speech Therapy to provide speech and psychological group therapy.